Fine Art – White Line Woodblock Prints[BACK]

These white line woodblock prints, also called a “Provincetown Prints,” use a technique that originated in Provincetown, Massachusetts around 1915. A group of artists who fled Europe with the onset of World War I, settled at the tip of Cape Cod in a community that shared an interest in printmaking, especially the woodcut medium. Blanche Lazzell is the most well-known practitioner of this technique. One of her students, Ferol Sibley Warthen, taught my teacher, Ruth Hogan.

These images are first carved into a block of white pine. Prints are made by painting a combination of gouache and watercolor one small section at a time. Although each plate makes a limited edition, each image printed from the plate is unique.

Orange Tulips   Koi Pond   Life is just a...
Red Crocuses   Yellow Poppies   Irises
Red Poppies   Red & Yellow Tulips   Blue Crocuses
Bloom   Little Iris   Sunflowers