Commissioned Certificates [BACK]

Calligraphic commissions from institutional and corporate clients are a distinctive, dignified, and artful way to celebrate and solemnize special occasions and events. Each piece is custom-designed. Clients can specify anything from elaborate illumination and gold leaf gilding to clean modern graphic design. I can incorporate logos into these documents and am happy to arrange for framing.

Penn Law School
Sonia Sotomayor
Jody Pinto
Baylor Opthalmology
Jane Edmond
Penn Law School
Gary Clinton
Oliver F. Grimley
Sidney Goodman
Penn Libraries
William J. Zachs
Camden County College
James Florio
Foreign Policy Research Institute
Kanan Makiya (cover)
Ssettlement Music School
Steven N. Haas
American Catholic Historical Society
Rosalie Mirenda
Foreign Policy Research Institute
Kanan Makiya (inside)
Veni Creator Musical Fund Society
Richard Wernick
PAFA Dean's Award
Linda Brenner
Penn President's Engagement Prize
Melanie Mariano
Penn President's Engagement Prize
Andrew Witherspoon
The Shipley School
Susan Potts Bloom
Andrew S. Rachleff

Penn President's Innovation Prize
Brandon Rao